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The transition cycle part 1 : endings

We become aware that cycles are shifting when we reach the end of something, an impasse, a point where we can no longer sustain our position. This could relate to a career, a job role, a significant relationship, or a life phase. Perhaps a new decade is approaching and instead of looking forward to it, it feels daunting.

Endings are a place of exhaustion, deep despair, panic and often fear. You know something is coming to a close and it's time to move on, yet you still desire to cling onto the known world. The familiar, tried and tested territory, which felt safe and comfortable, no longer feels that way. In fact, it will probably become excruciatingly uncomfortable if you stay too long.

During my life, I have experienced a fair amount of life and work transitions including moving from the city to the countryside, changing job roles, undergoing a restructure at work and moving from employment to self-employment. I have made supporting clients who are navigating transitions a major part of my coaching practice. I have worked with clients who are reaching the end of a career phase and those who are starting a new role after a promotion. Other clients are facing redundancy, a restructure or a relationship breakdown. Together we find a way to navigate the ending and journey through to the next phase in the cycle called cocooning. I help my clients to recognise that an end point has arrived and that overstaying in an old place/role may be to the detriment of their health and wellbeing. Overstaying when things are not working leads to illness, burnout and depression. I view endings as our SOUL calling us on to greater, more expanded life. Even if the path ahead is misty and unclear we can acknowledge we are entering a new phase.

Here are some tips if you are near the ENDINGS point : -

  • Be gentle and loving to yourself. Allow time for what surfaces
  • Prioritise your own space and create silent time
  • Nurture yourself every day with fresh air, quality nutrition and exercise
  • Have patience and be true to yourself. Honour the ending of this significant career/life phase

2 thoughts on “The transition cycle part 1 : endings

  1. Shinade Jayne Gribben

    Hi Heather,

    Ending yes, it seems like most of us don't like endings but they are such a fundamental part of life and we just have to take not of the seasonal change to see this then realise that we are part of the same system it's just that it's jobs, relationships ect that end. It's good to be reminded that overstaying in something that needs to change can cause illness. I like all of your tips but #4 is the one the is most helpful to me right now.

    Many thanks for sharing your wisdom ~ Shinade x

    1. Heather Day

      Thanks Shinade. If we can 'reframe endings' to be positive in that they are a part of the cycle of change I think that helps!
      Glad to hear you are finding my tips helpful 🙂


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