Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of women can Heather help?
Many women are OVER-GIVERS and end up feeling frustrated, drained and exhausted. Some feel trapped in demanding jobs or stale relationships. They realise nothing is working anymore. They want to make changes but don't know where to start. 
Other women are 'empty nesters' or in a 'post divorce' phase. After a lifetime of parenting or being a loyal partner/wife they often suffer with low self-esteem and lack confidence. Heather guides them through the "HOW" of REBUILDING their lives, so they REDISCOVER who they are and REGAIN their ZEST for LIFE.
Women in mid-life have similar themes :-
  • We are NOT GOOD at prioritising ourselves
  • We are TOO BUSY to think about what we want
  • We feel GUILTY about taking time for ourselves
  • We have LOST CONNECTION with who we are
How does Heather work?

Heather offers a FREE 45 minute Breakthrough Call to discuss your needs and identify your main blocks.  Request your complimentary call here.

Heather's Vibrant Life Coaching Package is £695 or £750 (3 payment option)

The package runs over 90 days and includes virtual or face to face coaching sessions, weekly accountability and email feedback.

Heather's premium Vibrant Life VIP Package is £1,195.

Work exclusively with Heather for the day and kick-start your new life. This is followed by 60 days of online coaching support, weekly accountability and email feedback. NB : VIP days are limited to 2 per month so contact Heather to reserve your spot.

Most clients choose to work with Heather for between 3 and 12 months.

What are the main benefits of working with Heather?
  • Reconnection to yourself
  • Rediscovering your zest for life
  • Clarity of direction and decision-making
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Clearing blocks and limitations
  • Rebalancing and re-energising
Some of the things clients have said :-

“Heather brings a passion and sensitivity to her work that is very refreshing. She really honoured me as a person.”  KD London

“Heather has a highly professional approach and using models such as Logosynthesis® has really enriched the coaching process, enabling her to work in a deep and intuitive way to create lasting change.” TM London

Do you offer flexible payment terms/options?

Yes, Vibrant Life Women offers payment plans and accepts payments by BACS, Paypal and Credit Card.