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Drowning in the “busyness” of life?

Sometimes our lives can seem like an endless line of things we  "have to" do, “must” do and “should" do. It’s like a never-ending conveyor belt. Then there is that "to do" list that never seems to go down, not to mention the things we always mean to get round to doing but never make the time to do. You may even have dreams that have become buried underneath everything, so you have forgotten about them. As women it’s very easy to get caught up in supporting everyone else instead of  prioritising ourselves.

So now might be the perfect moment to put some time aside to pause and reflect.

When we are busy “doing” we don’t take the time to " be" with ourselves. Some of my clients make their lives so full that they have no time for themselves. During coaching they come to the realisation that “being busy” is actually an unhelpful habit and a way of avoiding spending too much time on their own. Taking time out can feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable to start with.

When was the last time you took time out to reflect on where you are and what you want to create for the rest of this year?

5 benefits of taking time out

  • To connect to the still point inside you and tune into your guidance and inner wisdom
  • To become calm, relaxed and centred
  • To reflect on the past week and month and acknowledge what you have achieved
  • To re-connect to what you really want
  •  To build your personal resilience. It's much easier to tackle the more challenging aspects of life when we are “topped” up 

My top time out tips

  • Block out a day a month in your diary just for you and keep it free no matter what!
  • Choose a special place to “be.” This might be a lovely room in your home or a beautiful quiet place outside in nature
  • Never feel guilty. This is your time and an amazing gift you can give to yourself

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