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How often do you give to yourself?

The month of February is the month of love. Everywhere I go shops and supermarkets are promoting Valentine’s Day offers on flowers, wine and chocolates.

When was the last time you gave yourself something?

Many of my clients have difficulty when it comes to prioritising their own needs. It always seems to be their time that gets squeezed. What I do is to ask my clients to block out some “ME” time in their daily schedule. When they feed back to me they often say that it’s been really hard for them to stick to it. We know that it takes six weeks to create a new habit and this one seems a real challenge to master!

Why do we find it really hard to say NO to others so we can say YES to ourselves?

  • We feel guilty because we feel we should be doing something else; we may start cleaning, sorting paperwork or other displacement activities.
  • It feels self-indulgent to give to ourselves
  • We value other people’s time more than we value our own.

As women we were brought up to please others and to put others first. We have to start by deconstructing some of these earlier patterns, as they are not healthy or sustainable for us in the long run.

When will you start prioritising you and gifting you the time and attention you deserve? I suggest that now is the perfect time to start.

Ask yourself what you would most like to be given as a gift, then go ahead and gift that to yourself.  (It doesn’t have to be expensive either, just choose something that would nurture you, nourish your soul and give you joy.) I’d love to hear what you come up with.

Remember you need to keep yourself topped up with love, only then can you fully give to others.


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