This time of year can leave us a feeling a bit jaded and unmotivated. No wonder we have Valentine's Day in the middle of February to bring in some warmth and passion. This week's post is  your invitation to find more passion in your life!

OV26AOMUMIWe know that passion is infectious- remember the last time you spent a few hours with someone who was enthusiastic and how this made a  difference to how you felt?

As a coach, I am fascinated by the theme of passion, and how we cultivate that vital "spark" that makes us feel alive and expanded. Last week, I attended an inspiring talk by Gregg Levoy who has a new book out called "Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture of Passion."  As well as talking about passion, Gregg talked about "dis-passion" which is the experience of being numb, stuck or bored with our lives.

How do we get our passion back when it seems to have gone into hiding? Gregg reminded us that passion will come and go naturally but there are ways in which we can cultivate it too. And of course Gregg's talk  inspired me to write this post to you!

3 Ways to Reconnect to Your Passion

  1. Stop doing the same old things in the same old ways and experiment with your life. Create a different routine in your day and see what happens.
  2. Step out of your comfort zone. It doesn't need to be a huge step but it could mean that you risk saying something positive to someone rather than keep quiet or step up in the way you do something.
  3. Spend an hour a day doing something you are passionate about, this could be painting, writing, baking, walking and notice what happens.

I'd love to hear how you get on, so please post a comment in the box below.

When was the last time you felt free ?

When did you take time out just for yourself ?

I spent the Christmas period in Devon, chilling out with family and friends. Spending time with everyone was wonderful but I noticed that I had a yearning for some time out on the coast. Being by the sea always makes me feel great. It's an opportunity to cleanse and refresh my energy. I found some space and set off to spend the day by the sea. As if by magic, in the midst of the many wet, dull, grey days we had been experiencing, the sun came out, and I found myself on the beach watching the beautiful reflection of the sunlight over the sea.

There was a strong wind blowing, which made for high waves and red cheeks. When I started walking I was literally blown along by the gusty winds. As I stopped to watch the waves break on the beach I was caught unawares by a much bigger wave. Suddenly there was water flowing over the top of my boots, which then seeped through to my socks and feet! But I didn’t mind at all… in fact it felt like an invitation to be playful and I had a laugh about it.

Freedon blog ist pic

I became fascinated by the mass of sea foam left behind on the shore. The bubbles lasted for ages and I was mesmerised for what seemed like hours, just observing and breathing it all in.

Fredom blog 2nd image


Something magical happens when you spend time out in nature exposed to the wildness of all the elements. Somehow you feel connected to life, to the bigger picture, to your wild side.


There is  more space for your creativity to flow.

  • When did you last set aside a day just for you?
  • I invite you to set aside a day just for you
  • Commit to it by putting a date in your diary now

And if you can’t physically create a day right now, set aside an hour to go outside and connect with the elements.