What’s brought me here?


Hi, I’m Heather and I’d like to share something about myself and the life journey that I have taken.

In my 20's, I trained as a primary teacher in London. At 24, I began my South American adventure, teaching in a school in Colombia. This was an amazing life experience which expanded my horizons.

In my 30's, I got married and we relocated to Devon where we started a family. This was a radical life change which required some major adjustments after our London life together.

In my 40's, I sadly experienced my marriage break-up followed shortly by a breast cancer diagnosis. From this place of exhaustion, depression and isolation, I began to re-evaluate my life. I became aware that I had lost connection with myself. The capable career woman I once knew had disappeared. I felt like an emotional wreck and had lost all my confidence. I slowly began to rebuild my relationship with myself. From this starting point, my new life began to evolve.

It was a natural step to retrain as a life coach specialising in supporting women. Moving into self-employment brought me freedom. expansion and new possibilities. The deeper I connected to who I was on the inside, the more the outside world embraced this newly discovered sense of SELF. My decisions and choices came from an authentic and connected space.

In 2010, I discovered the work of Dr Willem Lammers and trained in  Logosynthesis.  I became the first UK Logosynthesis master practitioner and later the UK trainer. Logosynthesis is a powerful system of guided change. I use it with my clients to transform their outdated beliefs, old patterns and limitations. Using Logosynthesis within coaching empowers clients to move forward with expansion and freedom.

I am now 61 and continue to live my vibrant life. I love supporting women to reconnect to themselves and reach their true potential.

Your '50s' are the perfect time to create the vibrant life you desire. My support will enable you to become the fullest expression of yourself.

What’s important to me?

  • Expanding what is possible - POTENTIAL
  • Removing limitations - FREEDOM
  • Reconnecting to our core self - EMPOWERMENT

Three things I’ve done in the last year to live my vibrant life

  • Lived in a beautiful old farmhouse near the sea
  • Walked the Portuguese Camino with 3 amazing women
  • Continued to expand my vision of what is possible