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Do you remember when you were revising for your exams at school? Did you start your revision a few weeks or even months ahead or leave it until the night before?

We procrastinate when we delay something. Sometimes there’s a deadline involved and at other times there is no time limit. If we have an external time limit it does help us to get things done!

At the beginning of a new year, we might decide to create a new routine or change a bad habit. We will start off with good intentions and feel very enthusiastic about making changes. We genuinely want to make a difference and to transform our old ways and behaviour patterns.

We feel an initial buzz of excitement and we tell ourselves we're really going to do it this time. This is the year/month/day!

We go to the gym every day for a week or stick to a new diet for 7 days and feel very proud of our achievements. We pat ourselves on the back and vow to continue.

However, a few days or perhaps a week later, we begin to notice some unwelcome thoughts creeping in. They are like voices in our heads, tiny whispers, but they don't seem to go away easily.

They might say things like :-

 “Get it done now, don't leave it until tomorrow “

“No-one will know if you don’t do it”

“ It’s only one biscuit. It won’t make much difference.”

"You're not even trying."

These conflicting voices try and sabotage our best efforts and alongside them we notice our willpower is beginning to wane.

We might decide to ignore the conflicting thoughts and internal voices we are experiencing and to carry on. Often they just get louder. We go into overwhelm or feel exhausted. We recognise that this familiar pattern is trying to sabotage our best efforts.

To counteract the internal conflict, we might hire a personal trainer, join Weight watchers or find a good life coach. We feel that we need an external person to keep us on track.

Let me share more with you about what’s going on from a different perspective.......

During a recent online seminar, the creator of Logosynthesis® Dr. Willem Lammers, shared what happens when we procrastinate and how we can move beyond it and uncover our 'Free Self.'

Willem identified four different (and competing) PARTS that will try to pull us in different directions. The computer, the parrot, the rebel and the servant.

The COMPUTER is about information. It's very rational and logical. It knows the consequences if we don’t get the task done. It speaks in 3rd person and says "this is the task” and "this is how it has to be done.” The computer knows all the steps and who else we need to involve.

The PARROT represents power and authority. It tells us what to do. It speaks but cannot act. It gives us a command. It might have a specific tone of voice when it says “you should have finished that ages ago.” It also uses words like "you must, "you have to," "you should have” etc. The parrot is always right and often even sounds like one of our parents.


What sort of things does my parrot say?

What tone of voice does it have? Does this remind me of anyone?

Next comes the REBEL. The rebel works in opposition to the parrot. It will act as long as it’s not seen. It uses its power to distract and it can be rather sly. It might say something like, “I’m going to do what I want.” or "you deserve to have that now"


How does my rebel show up?

What is its favourite strategy?

Finally the SERVANT comes in to complete the task and DO THE JOB. It will obey the authority of the parrot. The servant wants respect and to be seen. It is afraid of failure and gets anxious. It works rather like a robot.

As the deadline looms closer, the parrot escalates, the rebel gives up and the servant gets the work done.

This takes up a lot of time and energy and is where Logosynthesis® comes in useful. We can use the Logosynthesis® sentences to release the energy caught up in the parrot and the rebel. Now, it becomes possible to begin to access your Free Self !

When we operate from our Free Self, we have the freedom to act, create and be productive. We can move forward with ease and our life starts to flow.

If you want to know more about how Logosynthesis® can help you with procrastination and any other areas of your life where you feel stuck please contact me.