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Julia Townsend

In my mid 50's, with two sons going off to university, it felt like time to refocus on what I want to do in the next stage of my life. I have a thriving career but outside work, after many years of being a single parent, I had lost direction as to who I was and felt guilty about taking time for myself.

After having coaching with Heather, I feel liberated, revitalised and refocused. My life has expanded. I am taking up new hobbies and challenges and looking forward to what the future holds. It's no coincidence that a stylist from Woman's Weekly stopped me in the street recently and included me in a feature on older women - I am feeling and emanating positivity!

Heather has enabled me to realise my future dreams and helped me work through my deepest fears and blocks. Her coaching has given me the confidence to create a new path for my future. Her visioning and Logosynthesis processes have been especially powerful.

I feel proud of myself and of my achievements and at ease with myself. I can`t thank you enough Heather, our sessions have been healing.

Heather enabled me “unstick” myself.” I had wasted 2 years of my life going round in circles but now I’ve made massive progress because of Heather’s encouragement and support.

Your help and support has been invaluable to me. My self esteem has greatly improved. You have inspired me and enabled me to recognise my transferable skills for the next career move. Most of all, I feel proud of my achievements and at ease with myself. I can't thank you enough Heather, our sessions together have been healing.

Heather has a gentle but firm approach. She is easy to talk to and she held me in a safe place while I explored some uncomfortable issues. With Heather’s encouragement I was able clarify my place in my organisation and my feelings about it. The coaching process helped me to make my decision to move on to another job. This has been a very positive move from my comfort zone. Thank you Heather.

After years of struggling to develop a vision, Heather encouraged me to identify what I really wanted. This was invaluable. I had spent the previous two years going round in circles, unable to move forward. Heather's coaching gave me a new perspective which allowed me to "unstick" myself. This enabled me to finally launch my new business. I also restored the balance in my life. I’ve made massive progress and will continue to do so because of Heather’s encouragement and enthusiasm.

As a coach, Heather creates an atmosphere of complete trust and honesty. Her calm and focused approach allowed me to work through the barriers in my thought process in relation to my move from employment to self-employment. Before working with Heather, I lacked focus and wasted a lot of time flitting from one idea to the next. I was unable to make any progress with my new business idea. Working with Heather enabled me to gain the clarity and deeper insight that I needed. My biggest breakthrough was identifying all the barriers that had been getting in the way.