Your 50s could be the most important time of your life!

  • Do you feel drained and exhausted?
  • Is your career unfulfilling?
  • Are you tired of endlessly juggling your career, home and family life and finding there is no time for you?
  • Are you there for other people but neglect your own needs?
  • Have you lost touch with who you are?
  • Do you long for freedom and expansion?
  • Do you want more joy and passion in your life?

For many of my clients the answer is YES!

They feel stuck in a job and limited by a life that is not fulfilling. Their health, relationships and wellbeing are suffering.

They might have considered changing careers or even starting their own business, but they don’t know where to start.

It takes courage to make the changes and life choices you need to create a new life. Women choose to work with me because I've been through many transition processes and have learnt ways to successfully navigate them.

Imagine being free to create the life you want!

Our 50s are the perfect time to review our life plans and gift ourselves the freedom, expansion and lifestyle we desire, so let's begin!

How do I know?

heather-redBecause I’ve been there!

When I learnt how to reconnect to myself, my life expanded and new, and exciting opportunities came my way. As I became clearer, my life began to match this new version of myself.

It's time you rediscovered who you are!

I have created the Vibrant Life Women programme for women like you. Work with me and follow my step-by step process to create your new life. It's time to start the journey of self discovery. Having dreams is not enough. Neither is waiting until you have the time to make the changes. If you really want to create a new life and reclaim your joy, you have to DECIDE to make it happen! Perhaps NOW is the perfect time?

What does living a vibrant life mean?

  • Reclaiming YOUR dreams
  • SELF-empowerment
  • Gifting your time and energy back to YOU
  • Rediscovering what gives you JOY
  • Reconnecting to YOUR passions

Ready to take that first step?

Choose the Vibrant Life programme and receive the coaching, support and accountability you need. The invaluable time we spend together will support you to create your own version of a vibrant life.